Asb - A simple bot

So, first off I want to say I’m sorry for another bot release; But it was bound to happen.

Now that’s out of the way, A simple bot is a release Aimed to assist others in developing their own bots further and/or get people Decent functionality in their botting habit without sacrifice. This first released dubbed v1.0 is kind of a jumping platform and I’ll like to keep developing it as I can; But right now the bot includes…

A simple bot, with Fov aiming
Autoshoot and/or Triggerbot
Bone or OBBCenter aiming
Line of sight
No Recoil
Player / Team and NPC targetting
Chams style Wallhack / Wireframe

YouTube VIDEOS (HD Recommended) :


Asb Premiere video, v1.0
Video by Deathdude282, v1.02

Downloads :

ALL Thanks to Joroenz0r:
- v1.032
- v1.031
- v1.03
- v1.02
- v1.01
- v1.0

- Rapidshare
- Megaupload
- Uploading

- v1.031 Thanks to Sabaton

So this works online? So it is really just an aimbot? Isnt that like… against the rules of VAC?
I dont like the idea of using this against me <_>

vac is disabled in gmod

VAC is enabled in GMod, but it wont do shit against lua scripts.

VAC is Enabled, But does absolutely nothing; Other than maybe protect against your run of the mill Engine checks. But that aside, it does not affect lua at all.

This is safe to use.

Doesn’t seem to do anything. Even with the bind, no settings work either. Wireframe etc.

Did you put it in your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder?

Works fine for me; Also make sure you’re not on a script enforced server.

I’m on singleplayer, the commands are available in the console but the only thing that seems to change anything is asb_crosshair D:

Use the asb_help command; It states what settings do what, Such as asb_players toggles Player only aiming. Note the Help states “#0 ONLY PLAYERS, #1 PLAYERS & NPCS”; This is not true, it should be the other way around. #0 is PLAYERS & NPC aiming #1 Toggles Players only.

Set asb_players to 0 and bingo; You got it aiming at NPCs :). Hope this helps you.

Well it works now, but I dun wan people using this against me in a server, it will get frustrating

I think its too slow.

What do i bind to make it aim for the head? Atm it does nothing…

concommand.Add("+asb", Asb.On)
concommand.Add("-asb", Asb.Off)
concommand.Add(“asb_help”, Asb.Help)

Honestly what’s the point of an aimhack?

Laggy connection + builder only skills + minging fuckwitts == need for bot?

You know, despite being a ‘simple’ bot, this seems WAY better than the average Lua aimbot release.

Nice choice of music

It’s fun watching people rage.
That is the point.

Phocking hacker! Gerrerggeergg gegrrggeereggerr!


that’s what we called “disabled”

VAC is NOT on in ANY non-VALVe sourcemod, and L4D

Woah, woah woah… Hold up a second…