[Ascend!] Heavy boss battle

Thread Music!

Based off image:


Scout versus Ogre Heavies. Now with %100 more Wrinklefucker! (Yes, I know it was only the pogohammer at the time.)

I am really looking for critique on the editing, such as the rope, gate, and book. I am not really well versed in Photoshop so any suggestions are welcome. Thank you ahead of time.

Holy shit, this is awesome

Also, WrinkleFucker model.

Do want.

I can’t believe this hasn’t gotten any posts yet… except for one. Still, this is awesome, though there’s something about the rope that makes it look 2D.

Now I wish those hats would be in tf2.

Really? 259 views and only 3 comments? Where is everybody?

Thanks for the comments from those of you who actually did post.

Oh wow that’s awesome.

Although the music should be harleboss.

The rope around the tire looks 2D, mostly because it isn’t shaded to match the tire’s. Funny nontheless.

Oh man, a Col. Sassacre’s book. awesome.

Ahhh thank you so much! I was looking around for that but couldn’t find it, so I used the current music instead.

I’m going to update the OP with this.

oh my god marry me op this is wonderful

Just give me a time and date.

This is beautiful. It’s like the red scout is facing his sexuality but since he is sexually inexperienced he does not know which to choose. The tire on a rope perfectly represents hot, rough male love, and the book clearly represents gentle female sensuality. I think the hammer represents both the male and female together, and wielding it, the scout takes control over his sexuality and chooses whatever he wants. The jester hats obviously represent the fact that restricted sexuality and the battle between them is a big joke.

Sir, this is a truly inspirational piece.

what the fuck ^

This is really good! I love it

also agree with WTF above^