Ascension ⬆ - A Game mode where you climb up stairs for hours with friends!


The elevator is broken and you need to get up stairs to your office.


What will Ascension be about?

I plan for it to be a walking/climbing simulator type Gamemode with a leaderboard to see who climbs the most. I also plan to have power ups and that stuff!

When will you start working on it?

When ever I get access I guess.

Who’s Working on it?

Only me right now. I’m hoping to get some mapping friends I know on the project.


  • Leaderboard

  • Power Ups

  • Obstacles on your journey

  • And more!

I hope that shows you what I’m working on now.

Any feedback to the idea will be much appreciated!


Reminds me a little of Elevator: Source, I like it.

sounds like something someone would macro to constantly run up the stairs and have a ridiculously high score, carpal tunnel would also decimate people with this without a macro or something otherwise.
also would there be anymore to it that just running up stairs and occasionally avoiding something or grabbing something?
since i imagine people would probably only play for a minute or two. unless you do something like elevator source that has funny events, although that was more so about the funny scenes that would happen than trying to get a high score.

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That’s what I was going for

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That’s why I’m adding traps and stuff

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nah that was get ear raped by some kid with a soundboard while looking at spooky things outside your elevator, this seems a bit more involved

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Unbeknownst to the player, John Smith on the 35th floor accidentally toppled a cart containing thirty liters of 300-degree coffee, large knives and heavy boxes that are now falling down the stairs and approaching near-terminal velocity.

now i’m going to add john smiths office at the 35th floor


Can I climb the stairs in reverse like Super Mario 64?

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If you want to take a look I made a demo of the map

I did not add any traps or stuff yet since I made this using the alyx sdk hoping to get a key soon though


I made a rough sketch of something

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