Ascent OXIDE - PVP//Sleepers//Airdrops//Economy//Bounty//PM//Skills & Perks//Raid Alerts//Object Removal//Active Admins

How To Connect:
1. F1 to open Rust console
2. net.connect

Airdrops at 10:00-14:00 game time when there are 5 players online!
House ownership allows you to hit an object you have placed on YOUR OWN foundations, and retrieve some of the resources that were put into building the object.
Raid Alerts notify you when any of your structures are damaged by another player!

Server Features:
** - 30% Crafting

  • No C4 Crafting
  • Airdrops
  • 150% Time Speed
  • House Ownership**

Casual Commands:
/help - (List - most - available commands)
/history - (Display the last 20 chat messages)
/who - (Display how many players are online)
/location - (Display your coordinates)

Social Commands:
/pm "name" "message" - (Send a message to “name”)
/friend - (Display your friend list)
/friend "name" - (Add “name” to your friend list)
/friend remove "name" - (Remove “name” from your friend list - CANNOT BE UNDONE!)
/sticky “messagehere” - (Leave a sticky note at your position for somebody to find when they pass through there)
/clearsticky - (Clears sticky notes that you are currenty in contact with)

Group Commands:
/gaccept - (Accepts a group invite)
/gcancel - (Cancel a group invite that you sent, or deny an incoming group invite)
/gleave - (Leave your active group)
/g "message" - (Sends a message to your group)
/gwho - (Shows online group members)
/ginfo - (Shows group name and member count)
/glist - (List the names of all groups)

Group Owner Commands:
/gcreate "name" - (Creates a group called “name”)
/gdelete - (Deletes your active group)
/ginvite "name" - (Invites “name” to join your group)
/gkick "name" - (Removes “name” from your group)
/gmotd "motd" - (Set your group message of the day to “motd”)
/gsettings - (Display group settings)
/gsettings [pvp|kick|invite|motd] [0|1] - (Update the group settings - play around with them)

Skill/Perk Commands:
/skills - (Displays your skills)
/skills “name” - (Displays the skills of “name”)
/skills buy “skillname” “amount” - (Buys “amount” of “skillname”)
/skills lead - (Shows the leaders of skills)
/perks - (Displays your perks)
/perks “name” - (Displays the perks of “name”)
/perks buy “perkname” “amount” - (Buys “amount” of “perkname”)
/perks lead - (Shows the leaders of perks)

Bounty Commands:
/bounty - (Lists your bounties - or the players you are paying to have killed)
/bounty “name” - (Lists the bounties on the head of “name”)
/bounty “name” “reward” - (Places a bounty of “reward” dollars on the head of “name”)

Ticket Commands:
/ticket - (Displays your ticket)
/ticket “text” - (Creates or updates a ticket)
/ticket close - (Closes your ticket)

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