Greetings FacePunchers.

I’ve recently started work on a new gamemode that deals with subjects my friends and I are very interested in. Those subjects being the Feudalism/Chivalry (Knights, Swordfighting, etc.) and Scandinavian Culture (Vikings, Pillaging/Plundering, etc.). I’ve started this gamemode with plans of taking an RP approach on it, but it is prone to change. Basically, my plans break down like this:

Players will play as either the Vikings or the English / Knights. You will start out as a citizen, no matter which race you choose. Players will also have the opportunity to play military roles, such as: Knight & Archer for the English and Huscarl for the Vikings (class ideas are still being worked on). The rest of the gamemode will follow a model such as those presented by LightRP, DarkRP, PERP, and other roleplaying gamemodes.

We currently have a coder, mapper, and modeler. We will accept more as they become interested (most likely after I am able to provide sufficient proof). I’m working on getting a site up, so I’ll post back here when I’m done.

All suggestions are welcome.

**Note: Yes, I do realize that I had another gamemode WIP posted in this thread, and yes I realize it was never completed. The project was scrapped due to a loss of interest.