Ash From Evil Dead

I’m surprised no one has made this yet. Ash from Evil dead. Maybe a playermodel, which would have to make the chainsaw optional. Maybe just the stub for the player model and the chainsaw for the actual model?

I was thinking about doing this a few months ago, but the Bruce model in ED: Regeneration has terribly low quality textures, and is not very high poly. I don’t have the necessary modeling skills to model a completely new Ash.

What about the one from A Fistful Of Boomstick?

I completely forgot about that one, but that’s not on the PC.

Well, Super Mario Galaxy isn’t on the PC, and somehow LuigiMario got models from it.

He probably got it from a WII simulator, like dolphin, from which you can port models using a ripping program. (I think).

Well if you get the model from somewhere, I’ll rig it. Bruce Campbell is always a nice addition to any game.

You guys can use PSCX2 as an emulator if you want to.

I looked for 3DS Max files for Evil Dead and all I got was some bullshit about an Evil Dead play in 3D

Rusty made a pretty awesome Sven-Coop Ash model back in the day, ill see if I can dig it up.

I hope you can. Evil Dead needs more Source Game love. I’d like to see a custom weapon with a view model of a chainsaw hand and shotgun, left click fires shotgun, right click uses chainsaw. THIS WOULD BE SO EPIC.

If you had the models you could mod the lancer SWEP to do that.

i was actually about to request this, it would go great with the evil dead cabin map, and the necronomicon prop. probably my favorite movie series of all time, this was the first player model I went looking for and was so let down when it wasn’t out there. ):

edit: okay. I was thinking and, I can pull data off my x-box to my computer. I should be able to get the models from A Fist Full of Boomstick. however I’ll need a little info. what file type should I be looking for? I’ll be able to do this in the next couple of days.