Ash Ketchum, Misty, Dawn ragdolls?

is there a chance anyone can create a ragdoll of any of those 3 Pokemon characters?
I just want Ash to meet and get his ass kicked by the Heavy.

Support! I would like to have Misty in mermaid form, as well. Gmod needs more mermaids.

would be awesome is there was a Brock model too :3

With the exception of Ash getting his ass kicked, I support this!

We should throw in all the other traveling friends Ash had had over the years. I’d really like to have an Iris model.

here’s May

It’d be awesome if an Ash ragdoll has the clothes he wore from the places he went to!
I am so downloading May!


Okay in order:
Ash: somebody’s already on it
Misty: same guy who’s making Ash is making her
Dawn: If anyone can get me a link to that mmd model of her and some import plugins I can do that
Also if you’re interested there’s the beta of my may ragdoll that boxofhalf linked to. And somebody ported Red from brawl awhile back (even works as a player model). Here’s a link to that:
Also also: there’s an mmd model of the female trainer in black/white (as in the female character you play as, haven’t seen her in the 2 episodes of the anime I watched so IDK her name but it’s not Iris), same as Dawn: if I get the model and some plugins I’ll do it.

Just so everyone knows, May is still a WIP, so you may experience some difficulties with the model.

Yea the hair glitches into her shoulders a little, but it’s still an awesome model to use :slight_smile:

I can make Misty, i’ll post when done.

Now for whoever is doing Ash, would it be possible to make different skins of his clothes from the first 3 generations (Kanto/Johto, Hoenn, Sinohh) ?

Pardon me, I asked this on the Pokemon thread but is there anyone working on team rocket ragdolls? I saw a Jessie one once and some on the Pokemon thread did say someone was working on James. Kinda thought this would be the place to ask

Misty will be out in around a day, I haven’t had much time to work on her.

A Jessie Ragdoll? omgomgomgogm where?! 8D

saw a pic of it on the smash bros brawl meowth download but that’s about it

Luigimario made one, but it was deleted from a long time ago.


Me and Broski made some Pokemon trainers just today their hexed from pasadena’s Pokemon Trainer Red so they are already coded to work as playermodels as well as npc’s

Here are some pics:

Kanto/Johnto Ash

Hoenn Ash



N (From the Pokemon Black and White DS game) NOTE: No long hair like actual N :frowning:

a Random Pokemon Trainer

And of course Red!

Here is a group pic

Download link on my release thread

I love you so much right now