Ashes Zombie Survival RP

This server was made not too long ago. It’s got all of your favorite darkrp things. Each job has an awesome character bio and tells you their salary. Randomly zombies will spawn throughout the town. You can use teamwork to eliminate them, or you can try to solo it.

Jobs Include ( there are more jobs )
standard class
–Town Guard
Basicly a cp
Medic kit
–all of the regular jobs you would get regularly from an rp renamed
–drug dealer
Self explanatory
Spiderman’s swep
Keypad cracker
–Pro ninja
Everything from b4 job except pro lockpick
Zombie claws

There is much more, all on this server.
There is also a printer system, so you can play when nobody else is to earn cash

Don’t troll, please

This ruined it.


My favorite DarkRP things is cop and citizen as the only jobs with no guns, and you DON’T have that.

You want every one to spawn with guns? Except cops? It may be zombie survival, but everyone spawning with a gun eliminates other job’s purposes and causes mass rdm. It might work if it’s melée u start with, but even that is flimsy

As for the ninjas, I might get rid of them. I will replace them with regular thieves. Drug dealer fits. It’s the end of the world and every one you knew is dead. To blow off the pain u snort some coke or drink a few

He said, “WITH NO GUNS”, and there wouldn’t be any drug dealers walking around in zombie outbreak.

i am pretty sure i can read and what that says is cop and citizens spawn with no guns, and everyone else does, and i never said this was based on Zombie Outbreak

No, you can’t read. I said that there should be no guns and the only jobs should be cop and citizen.

Get rid of ninjas.

i got rid of ninjas
drug dealer stays tho

what is bad about drug dealer? Uber Mega Powered Damage for The Zombinties?

idk… ppl were complaining about it earlier. i like it

Get rid of spidermans swep.