Ashley Graham, finger and face pose-able

I had asked in another thread (this one ) if anyone knew how to get my hands on the Ashley Graham model. It was found by another member but it was in G-Mod 9 format. So I changed the format to G-Mod 10 (making it an addon), Sadly I do not as of yet know how to make it finger and face pose-able. Can I get any help on this?

Here is the link to the updated files.

Sure, I’ll pick it up and give her fingerposing and some faceposing.
I’m working on something else at the moment though, so give me a couple of days. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.

Now that I’ve finished what I was working on, I decompiled Ashley and took a look.
This model is so old that I can’t even really give her decent eye posing! :v: I’ll use flexes for up, down, left, and right; that way you can use any combination of them to get her to look where you want.
As for actual face posing, it’s going to be limited to eyes closing/opening, eyebrows, and lips. She doesn’t even have a mouth, haha.
Just tellin’ ya now so you know what to expect.

I’ll probably have her uploaded in maybe 10 hours; actual work time will be like one hour, but I need to sleep.

EDIT: Finished.
Edit again: Now with 100% more Ashley Graham!
I strongly recommend turning off Restrict Axis when you’re using Fingerposer.

Thank you very much.

can you Put the Link in a Public Server Please?

…it IS on a public server. Just sign in with your steam account.

It’s for people who has gmod. If you don’t have steam or gmod, there no reason of you to download it then.

Erm, does the .zip happen to contain Final Fantasy files instead of the Ashley model for anyone else?

But… i Dont Hace Gmod on Steam! :frowning: , i Want the Link in a Megaupload , Freaskshare , Mediafire! in That one! Thanks!

No. Pirates are not welcome here.
And sorry everyone, I’d accidentally packed the archive incorrectly. D:

Ok… Thanks anyway