Ashley Graham

I have been collecting a rather large assortment of various Resident Evil rag dolls, items, maps, etc. I am pretty sure I saw an Ashley Graham in the past but, to my surprise, I didn’t download it. I’ve looked all over, Face punch, Fps banana, even Google lacked the file I was looking for. Does anyone have it or know where it can be found? I’d request it, but I’m pretty sure some one made one already.

I remember seeing one as well, but that was a few years ago. It’s pretty likely that it’s dropped off the 'net; a lot of the popular servers that probably hosted it have done a couple of resets and lost all (or most) files since then.

By the way, I’d suggest posting this in the Requests subforum anyway, since this is still technically a request.

Pretty sure this is what you’re looking for.

Thank you both for the input!

CueV that is exactly the file I was thinking of. It’s in a G-Mod 9 version, but I converted it over. I think I may take the conversion to the requests board to see if anyone can make it face and finger pose-able. link to the request.