Ashley Graham

can somone make a ashley ragdoll into a npc or a player model? ive seriously tried everything and im too much of a noob to even figure it out.

Also, im tired of me always posting this SAME request and nobody even tries or even answers me. I dont even see the point!

If you are tired of posting the same request and getting no response over and over, STOP POSTING THE SAME REQUEST. It’s not like posting it multiple times will make it happen any sooner.

In any case, it’s not likely that this will be done any time soon, if at all. Considering the time of year, people are going to be rather busy with other things. And besides, your request is obviously something that nobody is really interested in doing if they aren’t even responding to it. Most requests go untouched or unfinished, so don’t get upset if nobody bothers with the request. It’s easier just to learn how to do it on your own so that you won’t need to rely on others.

thats if i knew how! D: and i dont!

…Try re-reading the last sentence of my previous post.

If you don’t know how, LEARN HOW. I’m pretty sure that if you look around Facepunch or the net in general, you will most likely find out how to do this on your own.

you dont think i havnt tried that??? i wouldnt be asking here if i knew how. SO DONT POST IF YOU’RE GONNA BE NEGATIVE OR RUDE.

Don’t post if your going to rage.

well its like i need this player model. im willing to give a 15 dollar itunes card card number, if someone will make it for me. Merry friggin christmas lol.


by card number, i mean like the pin. example: asfgdfv43234dsce3.

The thing you scratch off the back of it. I got it from my grandpa, but i dont buy things on the app store, so id get rid of the 15 dollars for this one model.
WITH PROPER ANIMS! lol no t-pose or weird looking poses. and its all yours. (15$)

You’re an idiot. Stop making many threads, it’s called being patient, if you can’t be patient then don’t even bother requesting things. Just stick to one damn thread, if no one answers then find someone on the facepunch forums or on that does playermodels and ask them if they could do it. You don’t need to give them anything. It’s easy, if you just ask nicely, and not spam the Requests section with the same thread over and over.

Considering that ive tried to get someone to help me, they said they didnt know how to do it becuase the ragdoll wasnt on valve typed bones. so, they gave up. Someone is already offering to help me. So if you arent going to help me dont say anything. Also, dont call me a idiot. Im new to this whole modeling process and quite frankly most of you people on here are rude. The ones that actually try to help me are nice. Someone like you for example, is not helping me but making me more mad by not helping at all and calling me names. So dont try to bash me. What if i really had a mental disability? Seriously, name calling is immature.

And so is raging over a post someone else made.

Quite frankly, he is right about 1 thing; you keep spamming the same request over and over by making new threads that ask for the same thing. You really do need to be patient. Hell, I’ve made a few requests of my own, and so far only 1 of them has been completed. Still waiting on the others since I don’t know anyone around here who could actually help me, and a few of the requests that I could have made I’ve already done on my own by looking up the information on how to do it myself. And just because you had 1 person who couldn’t do it because it wasn’t on Valve’s biped rig doesn’t mean you can’t find someone else. Patience is a virtue, you would be wise to pick up on it.

Im not spamming though. Its the same request, but the other is with details and a little more notes. I have posted this request before, but it was a while WHILE back. I mean its one model, How can it be so difficult. I know someone has the ability to do it, and thats not me…

Actually, it IS spamming. It doesn’t matter if you provide more information or not. If you keep posting the same request (regardless of extra information or not) after you have already made the request once, it is considered spamming. It’s one thing if you made the original request x-amount of months ago and decided to make a new one in order to avoid bumping a dead thread, but it’s another if you make the same request over a span of just a few days (which is what you have done).

As for it being difficult or not, that is irrelevant. To my knowledge (which is limited in terms of player models), the model usually has to be rigged to the Valve biped in order to work, and some people might not have the ability (or the knowledge) to re-rig a model to the Valve biped.

Sorry, but what does calling someone an idiot have to deal with being mentally disabled? I never called you a retard at all. I could care less if one person wasn’t able to do it. You’re not asking a lot of people then. I still don’t care if anyone is actually helping you make this shit happen, you still shouldn’t make more threads about the same thing over and over. It’s called bumping your thread. Don’t do it constantly, or else no one will do anything. Just bump it if it’s not on the first page. I’m not rude at all really, I’m just telling you how stupid you look by making a second thread on the same thing, then bumping your old one to tell others that you’ll be giving a 15 dollar gift card, as you’ve already said that in your other thread. Seriously stop remaking threads that aren’t even dead, along with making pointless shit threads like the on uhh. Also again you can always edit your posts by the bottom right corner of your post if you think your main post isn’t very detailed. A second thread was pointless and a waste of time, as it seemed like you wanted attention.

The UHH was a mistake in the wrong place. I said i was giving 15 as reward, but i wasnt giving it away on this thread. I just mentioned it. I made another thread for the reason of a new clean plate. This one went from request to, a argument.

It went to an argument because you didn’t think before posting another thread. You can always bump your thread if it isn’t on the first page. No one is going to rape you just because you bumped your own thread. You still need to be patient. It will take days, and possibly months. And again you can just press the “Edit” button on the bottom right corner of your post if you want to give more information. Another thread was pointless.

Im sorry if I was a ass, its just im anxious for a player model of her. I know that people think its dumb cuz they dont like her, but i do. On top of that i have alot of resident evil player models and shes one of the main ones i wanted. Sorry.

It doesn’t matter if they like her or not. It’s your request, not theirs, if they say they don’t like Ashley Graham, then that’s their own opinion, but it’s also pointless for them to waste their time saying they don’t like her. Requests section isn’t about opinions, it’s about the people and what they want. Some requests require money(Most of them really don’t, unless if you’re asking for a model from scratch), as some just needs some time to be viewed by others so if someone that’s good at making playermodels can possibly stumble upon this thread. If no one seems to say they’ll do it, then you need to find people that know how to do it. Finding a person or two is good, but if they both can’t do it, or give up on it, then continue searching.

Well, i wish someone would come forth lol. I know its a itunes card, but thats all i have as of now.

Well paying for a playermodel is unusual, and not really needed. You just need to see if there’s anyone that can do it for free, most people will do it for free, as you’re just re rigging the model, rather than fixing up anything on it, or remodeling it.