Ashley Williams (From Evil Dead: Regeneration)


I know I ask too much for other people to do things, and I will start paying for custom models now that I am richer, but can someone port Ashley Williams to Garrys Mod?

wtf, thats a dude…

Well, that’s the name the character has in every Evil Dead movie. Check for yourself.

i thought it was Bruce Campbell?

or is that the Actor?

I thought his name was Ash?

There is an old Xbox game that had him in there.

Also, this is largely the reason he calls himself Ash :v:

I apologize. That is just the name Bruce Campbell is given in the movie. Ashley J. “Ash” Williams.

You can’t “port” something if there isn’t a game that has him already. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any. If there are, I assume they’re old and don’t have models worth using today anyways.

He’d need to be modeled and textured from scratch, and not a lot of people are willing to do that for character models, even for money.

Evil Dead Regeneration is on PC, PS2 & Xbox.

Ash was ported from one of the older games. I forget who ported him, though. He was in a big model pack with Ozzy Osbourne, I think.

No he’s in a pack by Dxsp along with a buncha resident evil stuff and some other guys I remember not long ago someone re uploaded the pack in the Lost model thread.

Ash is in here

Thank You.