Ashore: A story about a guy on an island [Comic]

So I got bored and started making a comic. As of right now it is about a guy who wakes up on an island and has no idea how the hell he got there! More plot information as the story develops. It’s all right there in the title, really! It is not my Very First GMod Pose Ever ™, but I am still a posing novice, so bear with me as I figure out all the tricks of the trade again as I haven’t played in a while either!

Expect updates, er, as they come. I don’t really have a schedule for this sort of thing! Sorry for the short episode, I will probably cut out the last panel and just extend it later on when I am not playing STALKER: Call of Pipyat.

(also, the DOF in the “SOME TIME PASSES!” panel is ridiculous and i don’t even know how it got there)

EDIT: I guess you can tell the protagonist to do things if you really feel like it, maybe he’ll listen. It’s not really an interactive comic but I guess it can be!

Go to the lighthouse. He should. Doooo it.

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search for someone that takes time into posing, lol jk its not too bad,
go find a badger palying a basson