Asia-Oceanic PVP (Sleeper/ProtectedVAC) Active Admins (Oxide with Doorshare and other plugins incoming)

Hi, we are a recently established server looking for a mostly mature playerbase, the server is primarily based on the Asia-Oceanic region, but others can also feel free to join up. The administrators are active and always responsive to issues especially those regarding hacks and cheats. Subject to individual approval, you can also notify them over steam chat in order not to alert those currently hacking. In furtherance of improving the reporting system, when Oxide is compatible with ClanForge again, we are implementing a private messaging system to hopefully eliminate cheating. Hopefully we should be able to get that up by next week. Character information will be backed up and saved. Wipes will be kept at a minimal unless substantial damage has been dealt to the server, although the chances are pretty low. More information below.

Server name: Asia-Oceanic PVP (Sleeper/ProtectedVAC) Active Admins
IP: net.connect (paste it in F1 console to bypass the inbuilt server browser)


  • VAC Protected
  • PVP
  • Sleeper
  • Mature community
  • Small beginner village with starter packs for new players, please make yourselves known
  • STRICT policy against hackers/abusers, reports will be taken very seriously and followed up on


  • Doorshare
  • Private Messaging
  • Player entry announcement

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