Asia/Oceanic Rust Server [PvP/Sleeper/DoorShare/Half-Craft] Active Admins

Asia/Oceanic [PvP/Sleeper/DoorShare/Half-Craft] Active Admins

Server started 1/18 and already has a nice community. All players are welcome, new or experienced. Hackers will not be tolerated and kick/banned immediately.

Admins are online often and will deal with hackers/exploiters on the spot. No admin abuse will take place, nor will they create items for themselves. Admins gain no advantage here, they are here to play and have fun like everyone else, I will see to that personally as I am the owner.

Anyone is more than welcome to add my steam if they have any questions, and/or to report hackers:
STEAM: wilkinator87

IP: net.connect
-100 Slots
-Location: Asia/Oceanic
-Owner: batman
-Admins: Brink
-Running Rust++ 1.4.2

-Air Drops 15 players minimum
-Half Craft
-Door sharing
-Voice notifications
-Broadcast PvP death messages
-Chat history
-Player list & online count
-Private messaging system
-Friend system
-Player join/leave notices
-Display ping