[Asian]AutoStartKit/CheatPunch/FPS Boost/GrouP/2014-2-25


You’ll be give a starter kit automatically when you enter our server. We have banned a lot of hacker till now, and we added fps boost addon in it, which make your old computer run smoothly. We have 4 excellent admins for helping players and banning hacker. After playing in a lot of servers, we found a good way to balance this game and add some useful addons.

Multiplay server hosted in Singapore
Started at 25/2/2014

Server Details

Direct connect: **net.connect **

Press F1 in game then copy and paste in net.connect

Server Name: [Asian]CheatPunch/StartKit/FPS Boost/GrouP/2014-2-25

Basic Server Rules:
No Spamming in chat
No Racism
No Impersonating


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))