Asian girl : Songlyx

she has face flexes eyeposing and fingerposing
both npc and player model available
have a funny time




Neck too thick, would not do.

i would love to download it, but the link i think is broken. can you perhaps make another link.

Might I ask what the hell is wrong with her legs!?!

Nice model, but I would like to know where I can get those Kilik and Seong Mi-Na npcs.

Another link, please)

Her look scares the piss outta me.

you sure you dont just have a bladder problem?

Spoot, the download link IS on the fritz. Bummer too, this looks like a really interesting model, especially since she has face, finger and eye posing.

try filesmelt its much simpler.

I don’t think he’s interested. His skydrive clearly wont work and he hasnt been back to this thread since he posted it.

unfortunately this model (download link)is dead :frowning:
perhaps, somebody has a model
i can’t find a another hosting links

You have the file,right? try uploading it to or some other filesharing website.

What about Mediafire?

f !
songlyx !


this link is dead.

congratulations! you have now said what every other post in this thread have said.

I still have speculations he didn’t make this, also seeing as he doesn’t know how to upload, the original creator might have deleted the link.

You’ve got a point. I too don’t think he made this. I don’t see why he didn’t upload this to, or at least a better website. He says doesn’t have the model, and can’t find any other links to the model (That’s at least what I think he’s trying to say.) I’m just wondering where he found the two soul calibur iv models/npcs, because I think the person who made this model could have had those links as well on their skydrive.