Asian Kid

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Asian Kid


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod[/release]

An asian kid.

The faceflexes are from perfect since it’s my first try at them and I was mostly just messing around, so consider this to be more of a beta release than a real one.

Credits goes to EA for making this model.

This is not rigged to the Valve skeleton and therefore can’t be made npc or playermodel unless someone ELSE re-rigs them.

Just extract the folders into your garrysmod directory.


Lol Nice Model!

Haha that’s awesome man!
For a first try at face flexes it looks great.


A kid model that doesnt look like shit YEAH!

Thanks man :smile:

Haha, oh god!


What game is this from though?

Looks like FO3

He is from Army of Two: The 40th day

Oh man, I remember getting him shot

So had to load the last save :frowning:

Haha, I just noticed the picture with Nexus on the upload

Sex poses will never be the same again.

Unique model, awesomeee

Is that helmet a bodygroup, is it removeable?

I had the same exact idea

It has it’s own phys so no, it can’t be removed.

Aw damn, that pretty much halfs it’s useability.

Still nice job on the flexes.

textures are amazing.

What the hell

Awesome we need more kids and animals models in garrys mod

It’s Ryu-gi!

Awesome model

^above picture

great, now he’s a camel…