Asian mod, reprace your L's with R's

simple I wourd rike a asian mod that repraces L’s with R’s

Needs to be toggreabre.

Thank you so much.

If that’s not racist I don’t know what is. Chances are, however, that if this were made, it would break chat commands for all users, unfortunately. This is because returning any value to the say hook results in all other hooks not being called.

I’d do it but I might get banned for racism.

Another really stupid post/thread from Roleplay World :buddy:

local function ccMakeMeAsian( pl )
  pl.Asian = not pl.Asian

local function PlayerSay( pl, txt )
  if pl.Asian then
    return ( txt:gsub( "l", "r" ):gsub( "L", "R" ) )

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "Asian.PlayerSay", PlayerSay )
concommand.Add( "/asian", ccMakeMeAsian )

Something like that. It’s just a simple gsub, nothing major.

Will break chat commands something fierce when the player is “asian,” but chat commands are dumb so I don’t really care.

Thanks :buddy:

Not all Asian replaces their L’s with R’s.
I am one of the examples.

what about r to w? Like Elmer Fudd?

Ohhh, you wascal wabbit… I’m gonna get you fow that one!


OP is racist.

What is the point of this? Just to be racist I guess

Isn’t he already banned on his real account?



Hes an alt of a permabanned user(Roleplay World) most probbably