Asian players on US official servers unfair

I play on Texas I and i see the trend raising up, asian players taking advantage of different timezones when players from America are sleeping it is night in Asia and they are playing

  • They play with really high pings wich affect server performance
  • Their high ping is an advantage because they skip all around and they are harder to shoot

and the main advantage is

  • They can offline raid everybody without anybody fighting them back. They can pick for hours stone walls they can gather for hours every stone node and trees. They have an empty server for themselves

The few hours Asian players and american players are online at the same time you can clearly see Asian clans have a clear and distinct advantage

So my final question is… Why if Asians have their own servers they have to come to western servers to play with high ping? The answer is everything i said above and this story repeats itself with Russians and Asians in every online game. The funny thing is western players dont play in asian or russian servers

SOLUTION? Easy… put up a ping limit if u have a ping higher than 250 u cant play and thats it…
AND put up 1 more asian official server

PD: before anybody says im whining because i got raided im not i dont care in fact i love when i get raided ONLINE and if it is OFFLINE it is because some dudes took the time to play really late at night and raid me

Why don’t you play on asian servers?

Questionable behaviour aside, it is important to note that while yes a high ping makes them “skip around”, no it does NOT affect server performance. I don’t know how that myth started in gaming, but it doesn’t make any sense.

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There are very likely some modded community servers that kick out players with a high ping. Try to find and play one one of those.

Older games and software back in the day had a really hard time with 10+ players. Then add the game it’s self. It was just hardware and data limits. Getting pcs to talk to each other was a data fuck show. But today we have faster pcs, faster communications. So yea and you can still see this on older games.

Your solution wouldn’t do much to stop this. We live in a 24hr world now, there’s always going to be someone out there awake when you’re asleep or at work. Putting up a ping limit will just ensure they’ll be from your area.

On top of that shit. They are offline when your playing…

So are Americans who work third shift. Or anyone just not playing that day.


You don’t actually need to mod your server to have it kick players with high ping.

RCON programs like Rusty / Rustadmintool check players ping from time to time with the “status” command. Then warn and or kick based on settings.

Like a said i dont care if somebody from this timezone stays up late and raids me i know i have the CHANCE at least to play at the same time as him any other day.

DIFFERENT TIMEZONES kill this game. The good part of this game are clan raids ONLINE ONES with big fights. How can you fight a clan that raids when all your clan is sleeping?

You can say that a clan can stay all night or wake up really early BUT THAT ISNT THE NORM and even if a clan raids another clan while they are sleeping THE OTHER CLAN HAS THE CHANCE TO TAKE REVENGE. How is a clan supposed to raid back an asian clan if you are never playing at the same time? And u have no idea where they live, because they dont even talk the same language.

And you never mentioned the fact that asian players have a HUGE ADVANTAGE when it comes to resources

When americans play servers are almost full you have TO FIGHT for resources, when asians play servers are empty. That means LOTS of resources for taking, you know how easy is to craft explosives if u have a quarry running and 3 guys mining every stone node with no opposition and all those resources for them?

Comparing a person that stays up late playing some times with asian players that will CONSTANTLY PLAY IN A DIFFERENT TIME ZONE is ignoring the problem…

I have read about games having lag compensation or ping compensation using more CPU cycles when it comes to players with higher pings

Again, you forgot to mention the fact that playing on an empty server vs full server is a huge and unfair advantage when it comes to having resources all for yourself.

If u can gather Blueprint Frags all by yourself in Radtown with nobody bothering, if u can gather all stone nodes without anybody bothering you, thats a huge advantage.

Some american clans stay up late but like i said that isnt the norm the norm is ppl will play according to their timezone then whats the point of having regional servers?

And yeah shooting some asians or russians running skipping all around is just simply ridiculous and it is an unfair advantage

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If u apply a ping limit on official servers that wont affect americans who work a third shift

It doesn’t matter where someone is from, if they play a different time than you, they’ll have the opportunity to raid you without resistance. Just like you have the opportunity to raid them without resistance. Just like you can adjust your sleep to try catching them online. Just like they might get an easier time harvesting. They could be in germany, they could be in china, they could be working graveyard and just got home two blocks down the street from you. A ping limit will only affect 2 out of those 3 situations, and that doesn’t quite guarantee that it’ll be the majority of those players.

thing is, the advantages you are proclaiming are identical to someone in the same timezone playing at, say, 3am. i can see no reason to stop players joining servers outside of their timezone; the poor ping is their problem, and the advantage of different time zone is a double edge sword that means they too are raided while offline. all it does is reduce the server choices for players.

On the Official Seattle II server there is a bunch of Korean players (not all of them have Korean names, but their steam profile says they are from Korea). I have never seen less than 4-5 of them online at any time, and I log in at all hours of the day. From staying up late into the early morning to going 24 hours without sleep, they seem to always have a group online. Makes me think they are taking sleep shifts and worked out a whole schedule so they have people online 24/7.

Anyway, the ping limit might kick them of the server, but any other group doing this within the ping limit would still have a massive advantage. And the Korean’s would just be forced to play on a server closer to them, with the same strategy, they would still dominate that server.

Listen I dont know what world you live in but everyone in rust offline raids… online raids are often unrewarding as the raided not only have an advantage defending but also shit like them despawning their own gear or relocating it during the raid are likely to happen, which makes it way too costly for the raiders…
that said coming here asking for game changes because you are unhappy about a common concept of rust seems kind of… you know? childish perhaps.

deal with it.

There always has to be some retarded kid like u that resumes every problem to a mere u got killed or raided hence thats why u are crying.

Everybody raids offline because not everybody plays every day of their life at every hour. But that isnt the same thing as a whole server population constantly playing at a different time zone


U never mentioned the point where they play in a server with half the population because must ppl are asleep and they have ALL THE RESOURCES in the WHOLE MAP to their disposal

Also if you play in that server timezone server is full Offline raids are a LOT HARDER because A LOT MORE PPL IS PLAYING but if you are playing when everybody is sleeping you can almost pick ANY BASE at will to raid IT IS ABOUT BREAKING THE GAME MECHANICS if i play with a low pop i can do everything a lot easier than playing in high pop server.

Simple example TEXAS OFFICIAL SERVER 9 PM EST population 120-150, 6 AM EST population 40 60


Why asians play in a western server if they have no advantages? Why would you play in a server where you have high ping? PLEASE PLEASE i would LOVE for you to explain this…

So ping limits that exist IN EVERY ONLINE GAME EVER MADE is something CHILDISH?

You only brought up one issue where ping would have any bearing on it at all, skipping while moving. I’m only one timezone away, yet playing at 7am would be normal for me, I don’t work during the day. How would a ping limit stop me?

They PING is located between the 150-300 and they are very happy to play once in my server players from more than 100 countries around the world
Server location is not a key but by the server is not able to attract the participation of other players.
If the server is not attractive? Then there would be no players involved in

Im only playing on US servers too offline Raid and have none player conflicts…
Instead of Whining around like a 10 years old girl which didnt got her Favorite Barbie you should think about how you gonna build a Base which makes any Intrusion into youre base a really fuckwhat Experience.

You also have that same advantage when these asian players are offline. Why dont you take advantage of that.

Quit bitching and move on. If you simply stayed up late until the early hours of the morning you would have all of these “benefits” as well. It’s not breaking any game mechanics, clearly the only thing it’s breaking is you.

There will always be people that stay up extremely late if not all night playing… I was one of them, and when I get my new pc I might just be one again.

The only legitimate excuse you have is the ping. and Asians playing on an American server would have between 150-350 ping max (with decent internet). Which most likely wouldn’t even cause much lag at all really. Get over it. Move on. You’re fighting a one sided battle. And no one is going to agree with you on this one. Stop being such a child and whinging over something that is not in anyway a problem.