Asinine - Episode 1

Caution: This video is not suitable for people who take machinima seriously,
It contains random events, nonsense, cliches and much more!

Edit: Everything was done by me except the voice talent.

Second Edit: Katana didn’t facepose anything, I did all the work here.

Doing Red the Robot hurt my throat. >:(

Wait, what


That was pretty funny! Atleast it had a story and wasn’t LOL FARTS

And it was faceposed by Katana :3 (i’m guessing)

Edited information, Read first post

good stuff; makes me high.

Special thanks to me bitches!

I never expected to have so much fun watching this nonsence.
Great job!

ha ha, this is great. im subribeing.

It’s an all star cast here! Very impressive that you got Ross Scott working with you aswell.

This is exactly what a random movie should be like, great work.

Lol vanilla ice

Dog walks like Mugshot from Sly Cooper 1

That was a lot better than I expected. Several lols were had.

That was totally Katana.

Totally sexy. Machinima + Randomness is totally the best potion.

How did you manage to make them walk (as in actually move) and also make them talk and do gestures at the same time?

aiscripted_schedules in Hammer

This is awesome, and so are you.

Fucking amazing cast of stars O_O

DasBoSchitt, Ross Scott, Dwarfio, Supertoaster, DMGaina, a cast of stars making super incredible!
“You can’t kill me, I’m the generic evil emperor!”
“I’m going to use my super awesome extra incredible power of extreme awesomeness [breaths and points] boom.”