Ask Garry Newman (creator of Garry's Mod & Rust) anything

Well I just got a chance to interview Garry Newman a few questions and was wondering what you guys would like ask to him. I will post the interview here afterwards. P.S. Also can a mod PM me so I can show them some proof.

who are you again?

Ask him when that red stripe under the fp logo is ever gonna change to rainbow colors

I’m new here.
I recently enquired on getting an interview with Garry Newman and got it.
Also if you guys want proof here it is

Yah when will rust come out fully

Ask him when this place will be heavier moderated. It’s horrible.

I liked how you spelled his name wrong.
Its sort of terrible that you want to interview someone whom you cannot even write his name right :v:

Please tell me how I spelt his name wrong?

he’s danish, it’s garry neumann

do some research first, geeze

  • snip -

Ask him about how he plans to deal with the hacker problem in rust. Will he try implementing an anti-cheat system, will he be doing a userbased system like the tribunal from LoL or overwatch in CSGO or does he have a different plan altogether?

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In your email to him you wrote his name with one r instead of two.

Well according to wikipedia its Garry Newman and also google.

I would be curious to know how he got into gaming and making games, how he came to own such a big company etc.

That is really good question, I’ll ask that for sure.

When will we get a forgot password button? :suicide:

Will do. Anymore?

I would like to ask why is there no logout button on facepunch?

Will do, also do you have any other questions on the game.

Will Garry’s mod (or it’s later versions, like GMod 9/10) ever be Open Source or released for free?

Nice Question something diffrent that I haven’t seen.

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