Ask J'zargo!

A new short interactive skyrim comic! No complex plots or stories so that people will give up halfway through on, so no disappointment!

This first question was asked by “Wally the Defiant Walrus”'zargo/PotencyInBed.jpg

Dear J’zargo,
How in the hell do you pronounce your name?

Dear Catman
Why can’t I find my car keys in the morning?'zargo/pronounciation.jpg

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Taking final requests before I head off for the night.

J’zargo, will I grow up to be a great mage like you?'zargo/growUpCereal.jpg

J’zargo, How do you know so much?

J’zargo, did you take my staff of Magnus? I can’t find it anywhere!'zargo/wikipedia.jpg

It seems anyone can attend the Community College of Winterhold these days.
Have you ever considered joining a more prestigious university?'zargo/myStaff.jpg

Last one for the night guys. Keep leaving questions, I’ll check on them in the morning.

Dear J’zargo,

Do male khajiits have spiked dicks like the felines of my world or due to your kind’s evolution, it’s smooth, safe, and not designed to scrape out competition?

Dear J’zargo

Will you ever find true love?

Dear J’zargo

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Dear J’zargo

Are you profound in the art of headbanging?

Dear J’zargo

Chicken, Beef, or Pork?

Dear J’zargo

Where the hell did your mustache go?

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Dear J’zargo,

Have you told anyone you are of the homosexual community yet?

J’Zargo, why are these images so huge?

More importantly, why did facepunch get rid of the middle mouse button click to scroll.