Ask me about being an ex TnB admin. Come chill with the big boys.

I was a TnB admin for awhile, if I remember correctly, from April 2008 until March this year (I was high alot). Was it fun? Yes, alot of fun. Is the RP worth it? Yes. It’s all about taste. If you don’t like it, go away and shut up. For me, I loved it. The best part was the community. I was good friends with alot of the admins and regular players. For you skeptical douchebags, I’d link you to my forums account but the forums are down. Have this.

I personally goofed around alot, but was also very active in the Metropolice. Being a scanner at will kicked ass, too. TnB had some problems I can confirm. Metagaming was a big problem in Ventrilo. I enstated a Vent Holocaust banning anybody who metagamed. It still might be a problem, I don’t know.

I’m not defending nor recommending TnB. The RP quality is in the eye of the beholder.

Ask away.

Is it true that RickD maintained funding for his servers by filming scat porn with aspiring moderators?


Not trying to start a flame war, although I bet there’s going to be trolling abound - but why does it seem that passive RP (citizen-to-citizen chats and such) on the TnB servers are nearly non-existant, or atleast for the average players, ‘Bond’? What would you blame that on?

Laziness, and alot of the RP is elitist.

Let me elaborate further. To get into the good RP, in most cases you’ve gotta know people outside the in-game RP world to get anywhere quickly. My advice is to post on the forums, and roleplay your way into smaller groups, working your way up the “chain”. This is what happened to me. Not to mention the fact that alot of pubbies like to use the server as a type of World of Warcraft, with stats and all. Plus, the actual server has kind of degraded into that, buying stats.

People don’t know how to Citizen RP, it always ends up being a Combine Unit or some kind of Rebel.

No one is really neutral anymore, some people are, but not a lot of people role-play the normal citizen just trying to get by, I admit it is not as fun as it might seem, but I liked it when I do get around to role-playing.

Mr.Bond wasn’t in the Rick Dark era.

RP these days has turned into a shitfest of people wanting to kill stuff and nobody can roleplay a shopkeeper without shooting someone. The focus is all about who’s got the script with the most features rather than who’s got the most creative roleplayers.

Would you say TnB had something to do with this?

I wouldn’t say TnB, but it fuels on by the players of the community who kiss-ass their community leader, the hatred and rivalry between Kuromeku and a couple of communities also fules it on, only competing for what you said, script features and ideas.

GMod RP is full of trolls as well.

Lol at other communities who even try to take the lead in Half Life 2 roleplay

Coming from someone who develops for TnB? keke

It’s okay Horsey, I still love you.

You have a very good point. Almost every community in this section that advertises now advertises their features (“OMG GUYZ!1!! We have inventries nao!:D:D:D”) Instead of their community. It’s a shame as i have seen some very good RP on servers running literally no script (It was one running that remake of LightRP (Not DarkRP though)).

We don’t welcome your kind around here :clint: Either you can turn around and act like nothing happened, or you can continue, and open the floodgates to lake shitstorm.

It’s true though. Every community that starts up HL2 RP dies within a few months.

Most RP communities die within a few months due to incompetent leadership and attacks from other communities (Or in schumacher’s case, because he dumps the script for a new one next week).

Stereotypical question…

Did kuromeku and TnB servers actually have the hacking war like most kuromeku admins would propose during the servers downtimes?


I advice putting on a flame suit… After that comment a lot of Facepuncher’s are gonna try too kill you.

TnB is constantly ddosed by stan , and it can’t even defend from him except fixing what he has done. So I don’t think they could ddos other communities.

It’s certainly present on TnB, yes. However, when I was at Melonbrew (been there since it started), Shop RPing was pretty popular. That was a long time ago, though. For me on TnB, my shops always did well and I liked making them. I’d make floating turtles and stuff, but they probably only came because they knew I as an admin. I loved building awesome shops. Nobody really wants to come into a store that’s bare and dull. This is where HL2RP and RLRP collide. Stores in the HL2 universe need to be dull, to fit in properly. Did you ever see a jacuzi a HL2? No, but I sometimes made them (Mainly when I was a Administrator/Mayor or whatever, throwing parties). It atleast gives civilians something to do. I liked to support or encourage civilian roleplay by doing civilian based events. An example of these are apartment searches or public demonstrations (Executions, speeches, Billy Mays, etc.). Who knew being oppressed could be so much fun?

And yes. TnB was one of the first communities to feature such a diverse and script driven RP. This caught on as being popular. Alot of roleplayers there are pubbies. They want to max their stats like a grind. Out of a server full of 40 people, maybe only 10 post on the forums. Not that being a pubbie is bad, however it can hurt others trying to roleplay. They want to rise to the top and have all the guns. I mean, you’re playing RP in a FPS game. It’s almost become a RP TDM. But to be honest, I don’t know why RP like this is so popular, but everyone has different tastes.

Why do you think roleplay as a whole has such a negative connotation attached to it?

Why does roleplay, specifically, Garrysmod roleplay have so much drama accompanying it?

  1. Hard question to answer. The negative connotation comes with every RP game. People can’t agree with one style, they figure everyone else is wrong, and that they’re right. Kind of like Religion, replace killing and burning with trolling and attacking. Plus the fact GmodRP has had it’s share of bad admins, this directly affects the view of the RP server. The RP server directly affects the quality of RP for said game.

  2. Similar to the answer above. It’s hard to say. It just comes with it, since admins have larger control over normal FPS servers. RP is great, however for it to be run effectively, you have to have a moderate size of administrators. This greatly improves chances of getting an abusive admin, and the admin is much easier to abuse in RP servers. GmodRP has alot more failure stories than success stories.

Why can’t TnB maintain secure servers where some random 13 year old script kiddie can’t fuck them up every five seconds?