Ask me to make a map !


I’m a mapper, i create the map you want, if the ideas are good, I will ask you a plan of this map and I will do my best to do it.

Good post to you all ! :dance:

show us your portfolio first


But if you’re legit and a skilled mapper, would be lovely.

You could present to me a basic map.

A map with two train tracks. They go along various turns, but they must be wide.

The map must be foggy, and snowing. The ground itself, must be snow.

There shall be but two stations and no less.

The curves shall be tilted, so trains may go faster.

Present this to me, and I will applaud you forever.

I can provide you a straight section, if you wish?

I don’t see the problem here, would you fill me in?

Portfolio :

It would be cool to see a map that would look like an evil lair, maybe on an iceberg or something equally ridiculous and sinister.

That looks fucking awesome.

Also french words.

ok, you could make a nice beach town

Lamar > i can make a evil lair but i don’t have textures and models for this…

I’d have figured my idea to be simple enough for you ;_;

I have tried but I am not that skilled, heh.

Ww1-ish trenches with no mans land and/or city bombarded and destroyed so hard it is in ruins. Would include skyscrapers etc.

Thank you.

How about smaller map (one block for example) with explorable buildings and sewers? in style of this: