Ask The Owner - Questions for a gaming community owner [ VIDEO RESPONSE ]

[snip - I shouldn’t be posting shit like this on facepunch.]

Dear Archemyde,

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?



Dear Archemyde,

Who are you? Do most of your creative thoughts usually dawn upon you while taking out the garbage?



Dear Archemyde,

Do dogs know they’re dogs?



Dear Archemyde,

How much money actually comes out of your own pocket to host a couple of servers, I don’t expect you to really make much money.



Dear Archemyde,
Why do you think having 947 members with force registration makes you substantial in this community?
kill urself,

it’s not a matter of being substantial. I’m just answering questions about operating and paying for a community. Also, those members are all signed up on their own accord. I don’t see how i could force anyone to sign up over the internet.

Dear Archemyde,

do you normally embarrass yourself like this or was it unintentional

forever yours,

Dear Archemyde,

should i get the 20 slot or the 600 ram for my server i want perp and dark rp on the serer so that both gamemodes can be ran.

Game On,

i do embarrass myself like this all the time. It’s only expected that i’m getting replies from people in this regard. Needless to say, there are still people with legitimate questions and i’m willing to answer them on camera, in front of everybody. Anybody who’s hosted a server with more than a couple of people on it knows that it’s never straightforward. I’d like to give some insight on how people can improve their servers and potentially boost the garrysmod experience. Do you have any questions about hosting a server/community? I won’t be answering questions about myself.

Dear Archemyde,

Are you considering yourself a celebrity. I’m unsure as to whether or not this is wise.

Yours faithfully and truthfully,


dear archemyde
this thread is snipped so i have to ask one question
stop licking my screen
you’re an ugly cat,

Archemyde. In fact:
How do you handle the stress that you may have as a owner?

i would assume aspergers helps but you’ll have to wait for the professional game server hoster to answer your question

Asperger do help a lot. I don’t see the point in your reply. :slight_smile:
But i still got a lot of stress normally, mostly cause of realife things along with the server management.

what happened roflwaffle u used to be really cool


go away pls

this might be different if you were even somewhat successful and were making a profit off your community. as far as i know you’ve went under several times due to poor money management and general shit administration.

i’m not too sure what prompted you to make this thread.

ok ok i have serious question

dear archimedes,

how do i lua


RIOT has never gone under. We’ve made perfect payments for over a year now. Just because you left the stronghold administration doesn’t mean the community failed without you. We have two servers in the top 100, one of them being in the top 40. Both of them are nowhere near something special. One is a generic modified PERP, whilst the other is a dual-fretta-gamemode server which runs a simple surf and deathrun gamemode with a simple modified pointshop. If i was unsucessful, unable to manage my money, and had shit administration, please tell me how I’ve managed to last a year with a perfect community uptime record and stay in the top 100. Not meaning to brag, but i have 2.2k members in the group already after a year. If anyone has a legitimate argument to counter this, Please post it here immediately so i can see the error of my ways. Also, i make more profit than i’m proud of off of my community. /butthurt

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Stress comes however you take it. You could just heap the issues on another person with ability to deal with them, or not. It’s up to you. Stress is at a minimal as long as you keep your administration team pure and mature, and keep up your payments. If you keep your nose out of other people’s buisness, you wont have much competitive attacks from other communities (Im referring to retarded DDoS wars in between servers)
Otherwise, When the incoming message count gets too insane, i just turn my status to offline until i can handle said messages.