Asking for a Rust Key/TRADE

Hello,i’m asking for a key,i really want to try this game,if anyone is with a good heart,please pm me,and,i can give you an WarZ account with+hotmail,and passwords,for a rust key,just a small trade :slight_smile:
Just looking for a Rust key

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Your a fool…

Does anyone else smell that… Its the smell of a ban hammer on the way (dont ask for keys you will get banned)

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Don’t predict moderation…

Nothing in this thread is ok. JUST ME

why do you users exist…

SamSonG, got anything I can use to contact you? Facebook? ROBLOX?

I am pointing out the irony silly. <<<<<<<< Go to that, and add me, that’s my Facebook, the kid in the pic is my nephew, lol. @SamSonG specifically. If anyone else wants to add me, knock yourself out.

enjoy your ban

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Does he have a fetish for cancer patients?

Kai, who?

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… Talia Castellano was a sweet, caring young girl, she passed away yesterday, so my profile is filled with that stuff for a reason.

Holy damn hell there are a lot of desperate people here.

ban hammer slash

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90% of these posts are the same dude on diff accounts

No offence, but WarZ is shit… No one would trade for a DayZ knockoff.

I 100% agree, and want to chime in that no one will trade A rust account for ANYTHING PUBLIC like a DayZ account, maybe they would sell it for other private beta/alpha access, OR INSANE AMOUNTS OF $$$$$


There you go. If someone uses it before you do, then oh well.

Fake key

I tried.

Youll never play with me.