Asking for critiques on my pokemon model!

Hello! I’m looking for constructive criticism on my newest model. My modeling skills aren’t top notch, but I really like modeling low-poly characters and I’d like some guidance on do’s and don’ts from experienced people!

Ok so, I’ve been getting into pokemon models lately, modeling them from scratch in “my style” so they might look a little different or off…
Here is my first model which was a odd looking Charmeleon:

You can already tell how I screwed up with adding too many edgeloops on his face.

However, I tried doing a better job with my new Houndour. And I’d love some criticism on this one. It’s not textured yet so the colors are just there to make it look recognizeable.

This is Houndour:

What I know I did wrong so far:

  1. Anatomy. The legs and paws are weirdly shaped. His neck might look too thick. Heck, the entire thing looks a bit too buff.
  2. His eyes are abit too small.
  3. Might have too many edgeloops on his nose and mouth.
  4. I tried to make a elbow by extruding, and when it didn’t work out it was too late.
  5. Weird looking lines from where I extruded out his arms/legs.

Here we go-

Thank you!