Asking for help from coders

  • 3:58 PM - James: “Before asking a question, check the wiki. If the fails, check the old wiki and search if that function exists still. If that fails, then and only then should you contact a dev”
  • Check the github for the source to try to figure it out yourself
  • “It doesnt work” is not a bug report. Explain what happened and how to reproduce it
  • If there are Lua errors, send them!!! Don’t say “There are Lua errors”
  • Lua. Not LUA, L.U.A, and definitely not LAU. Its the portuguese word for moon, not an acronym
  • Include the entire code, not just a line
  • Don’t expect new features to be added within minutes, it takes time
  • Some people might not like becoming a personal debugger, try figuring stuff out on your own first
  • If you use more than 6 exclamation points, expect to be ignored
  • Facepunch has a lot of great people who will help you as long as you include code, don’t use memes, and don’t try to rename DarkRP
  • Did I mention include the Lua error?

I’ll think of more later.

I’ve seen a couple of threads like this before. Usually what happens is people asking for help can’t relate to the coders and deters them from asking legitimate questions.

People don’t check the wiki - takes 2 seconds for someone who does to copy and post a link
People say LUA - Big deal: they’re writing a post on an Internet forum, not a college thesis
Don’t read the code or the GitHub - They have no idea what they’re reading, that’s why they’re asking for help

As for the rest, they can be put in the sticky or something, but I honestly don’t see a huge problem. It takes just a few seconds to ask for more code or to debug a simple error and help someone out

Oh lawl, this’s totally aimed at meh ;’)

The point is, they should be checking the wiki first. It might take 2 seconds to copy paste a link to someone, but it also only takes 2 seconds for them to type the function they need. I don’t have a problem with someone asking me if a certain function exists and if I could link them to it, My problem is when they repeatedly ask what the arguments are, or what the returns are, when they already have a link to the page they need.

The reading the github is if they need to know how stuff is done. Instead of asking how to draw a model to the screen in a 2D context, instead of asking us to link them to all the render functions they would use, they could instead look up DModelPanel, which does what they want to do and can teach them. Before you say they won’t know what they are reading, I learned how to code by reading other peoples code, not by endlessly asking them what each line did.

Its just a silly thread

Here’s a checklist for working out what’s wrong that I normally use when I’m stuck.

  1. Read over the code and error (if applicable) twice
  2. Start removing and commenting the code to isolate the problem
  3. Look up whatever is causing the error on the wiki and check you are using it right
  4. Take a look on github to see how the function is used there.
  5. Post in problems that don’t need their own thread
  6. Post in developer discussion

Yeah, I agree with what. I thought Exho meant telling people to find random functions by themselves without any knowledge of what to be looking for

2.1 Add in prints if it’s because some of the code isn’t being called and you want to know why.

A French friend recently linked me to a French site with lua tutorials. Might be useful for the recent influx:

I think we need to add “Did you try googling it first?” To the list of requirements to ask for help. There are so many help threads where the answer to the question is the first result on google.

don’t ask for code if you’re not interested in learning how it works and why it works

Don’t expect to be spoonfed, especially if you are unwilling to listen/read.

Don’t come to me acting like you are entitled to my help. I’ll help you, but when you smugly reply with “yeah thanks can you fix that rather difficult problem really soon because I need it for tomorrow” when it’s not even my addon and I hardly know you and pretty much all round talk to me as if you’re my boss, I’m just going to stop talking to you and you will never get my help in the future.

I met a guy like this once, I think his name was pwndkilled or something and I suggested a few solutions to a problem he was having, then he went “Away” and left me with a message expecting me to fix it for him by the time he got back. It wasn’t my addon, I had literally just met the guy. The nerve of some people.

Say no more. We are already well acquainted with him. Sadly.

I’ve had a few people talk to me that way in the past… I don’t think anyone is a fan of that type of smug-snobbery…

I help quite a few and I tell everyone to not ask to ask a question but just to ask their questions ( because I’m not always at the computer because of my declining health and because when I typically do come on I check my messages and people often forget what they were trying to ask when I do get on ) and mostly everyone does this now, but I’ve had a few that expect me to complete their jobs or homework for them because they’re unable to…

That should be a rule though: No work related questions and no solutions to homework; ie if you’re being paid for it then figure it out ( ie you already accepted the job ) – for homework questions should be fine but solutions shouldn’t be…

I have no problem helping people learn, or helping friends rewrite code or creating new features but the communication definitely needs to sound inquisitive instead of demanding ( When you ask a friend for help do you say: Hey, are you busy today or would you be able to help me out with something on my car… or: Hey, you will help me with my car today… without even asking them how they are first or even if they’re busy,… )…

If you take a job, you should be versed enough in the subject to complete it; if there is an issue then tell the person who hired you that you’re unable to complete because you don’t know how instead of asking someone else to do it for you and not forward the cash…