Aspect Ratio Command For Launch Options

So alot of us know about the windowed -noborder -width X -height Y
trick where your in window mode but it takes up the whole screen, so you don’t notice it, but you can switch between programs easy IE I don’t have to shrink gmod down to use my browser, I just open my browser and it over laps gmod, thus gmod dosn’t have to be shrunk down.

So I use to have a 4:3 monitor, I got a 16:9 1080p monitor
My launch option is windowed -noborder -width 1920- height 1080
now, but it won’t launch unless i do -autoconfig and go in and set the aspect ratio ect ect.
But to achieve this glorious effect you have to use launch options.
So whats the aspect ratio for 16:9 command for the launch option?

Could try playing full screen for a bit with the proper aspect ratio and then exit and then try the launch options again