Ass Creed Syndicat vehicle models

Since I do not have this game, and I could not find them around, I wanted to ask if someone could extract and get me the vehicles from the world war 1 section. Primarly the Mark V male and the Lanchester armored car, but I am also interested in the Civilian vehicles.
If any of them have already been extracted and/or ported, please point me that way, as I could not find anything.
Any vehicle from there would be nice.

what do you even mean?

What’s with Sergeant Joe every disagreeing threads like an Asshole?

Stop skipping school and go to the English classes.

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He’s special.

I put disagree, because I disagree with his statement that they’re already been ported. The only thing I’ve seen ripped from the Assassins Creed series is the main characters, and the various enemies and ships I’ve ported from Black Flag.

Next time I’ll just leave a post instead. Jesus christ.

I did not said that they have been ported, I said “IF” to account for the minuscule chance someone might have worked on them despite me not finding anything. It was purely to cover all bases.

I did not meant to state anything had been released, sorry if it came out that way.

What I was really asking for was for someone who could acquire the raw models for me.

The problem with putting disagree is that it only really works if the post is a statement in some form, otherwise it might not make much sense.
I still have no clue what a whole bunch of your disagrees were supposed to mean.