ASS mod plugin help

Hey i want to make a new or edit the jail plugin for ASS mod so it will let you select a time for how long the player is jailed for can anyone please help me

Now Billy, I told you about playing with plugins for your ASS Mod…

In all actuality I have no clue of how to do this, But I offer you the advice of posthing this in the “Newbie Questions” Section…since it is the proper section after all.

Do you know anything about lua?

In my humble opinion, you’d be better off with the SVN version of ULX + ULib, ULX has a timed jail feature now. ASSMod works, and it’s possible to edit, but why re-create the wheel?

Switch to the SVN version of ULX + ULib .It has more features than Assmod and in my opinion I
think its better.