Ass_Mod MOTD & DarkRP Jobs!

Hello everyone.

I’ve been checking around at this website some days, and today I decided to register!

I’m a GMod Dark RP server owner, and I appreciate a little help!

First, about Jobs.

AddExtraTeam( "<NAME OF THE CLASS>", Color(<red>, <Green>, <blue>, 255), "<Player model>" , [[<the description(it can have enters)>]], { "<first extra weapon>","<second extra weapon>", etc...}, "<chat command to become this class (WITHOUT THE "/" OR "VOTE"!)>", <maximum amount of this team>, <the salary he gets>, 0/1/2 = public /admin only / superadmin only, <1/0/true/false Do you have to vote to become it>,  true/false DOES THIS TEAM HAVE A GUN LICENSE?, TEAM: Which team you need to be to become this team)

Thats the code to make a job, but, HOW do you make them avaible to buy some things? I mean, Gun Dealers can hit the F4 button, Enteties/Weapons and buy a gunlab, or some weapons.

I would like to create a custom drug dealer, how?!

Secondly, how to change the MOTD to SHOW up (AssMod)?
I have already gone into data/assmod/motd.txt and changed it to fit my needs, but still it doesn’t update, its still the original one.

Anyone can help me?



What I did was, for jobs, I went into the folder and found addentities.lua, opened it and it was
//AddCustomShipment(“HL2pistol”, “models/weapons/W_pistol.mdl”, “weapon_pistol”, 500, 10, false, 200, false, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_MEDIC}), example there, I just edited it to be as I wanted!

And about motd, ahven’t fixed that lol.

The MOTD is written in HTML. Also end your code tag with /code rather then code.

What? That wasn’t my question. My question was how to make the MOTD show up, currently it shows up like the MOTD that you got when you installed your server, I want my own MOTD, I know HTML and have already edited motd.txt but it wont change!

To make a custom job, read the shared.lua

To make them buy stuff throughout F4 Menu, read around in addshipments.lua

Thank you, but I can’t seem to find this lua file you told me, in any of the darkRP folders?

garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/shared.lua - addshipments.lua

Do you use sv_downloadurl ?
If not, try to change the default one in addon\assmod\lua\plugins\ass_motd.lua
also, try to clear the .dua files in the cache folder

Busymonkey -
garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/shared.lua - addshipments.lua

I have shared.lua but not addshipments.lua? :open_mouth:

slay3r36, I use sv_download url :>

Its not addshipment.lua but addentities.lua.
And i never succeeded to get the assmod motd work with a fastdl.
try to update your fastdl cache or try another motd.

Add your cache to the FastDL

Oh, sorry - I’ve only used DarkRP 2.3.7