Assasin's Creed Brotherhood models

Since this game is out on PC, maybe it’s time to port models from AC’s multiplayer?

Possibly, but I’m pretty sure it’d be a tedious task. If somone is willing to do it, it’ll take a while.

lilwasa ported Altair from AC1 awhile ago, let’s hope he can do this too :v:

I wanted to but I need help, if anyone can rip the girl used in multiplay in a non shitty pose ill port it
and maybe ill get others later, but I cant get multiplayer people

I support…someone can port the guy dressed as jesus from the capter you are dressed as a roman Centurion?

Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood uses the same engine as AC II so why hasnt anyone ported models from the second game ?? But yeah i support and hope someone makes Ezio and the multiplayer characters

Any of the guards and/or multiplayer characters would be nice.

I’d still very much love to have Lucy Stillman and Desmond Miles but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have the multiplayer courtesan - Fiora Cavazza :slight_smile:

I tried using the porting tools, things are changed in the engine, and like I said if anyone rips people from the the multiplayer with 3d x ripper ill port them, the people you play as in multiplayer

Already on this. If I get any further in it before giving up I’ll let you know.

Nvm ACB won’t start for some reason.

There are porting tools for the AC engine?

they are a a wip from last I heard of which was back when AC 2 came out, and it doesnt work with all meshes

i support the multiplayer characters can be awesome in gmod

all someone has to do is go to their multiplayer selection screen, and use 3dx ripper to rip a scene when the character is standing still, then send it to me and ill port it