Assassin above the sand

I Updated the editing.

Nicely done friend.

I’m kind of tired right now but I’m awake enough to know it looks awesome.
Goodnight everyone and seeing as it is past Midnight here, Merry Christmas.

wow lol that’s pretty cool

I wish there was like a target to assassinate or something though

Nice model and nice pic, although it’s rather empty and the sane/dust stuff looks really pasted on.

That Altair model is really nice, and so is the whole picture. Maybe put some people below him?

Wow, you work fast at bringing these new models into screenies.
And awesome screenies at that. Good work!

Nice model. Can’t wait for an Ezio model when AC2 comes to PC

Everything is nice but i hate the grainy spots on everything.

Yeah this was a quicky if anything wanted to add some guards around but didn’t have the proper models with me at the time. and the spots i rushed didn’t really feel like adjusting the layer for it was going for some type sand feel to it but eh i’m SUPER exited about these new models!

I’m waiting for some Eagle Vision edits.

Model link? or has it not been released?


Never mind I found it, and for anyone else wondering:

I edited it a bit,I like it much better then the first edit i did.