Assassin Cuts A Combine In Two

Can Ya’ll keep the trolling down in this thread please and just give me C@C? Thanks.

It looks like the colours have warped or something in places, or it’s Jpeg compression. I can’t tell but something looks odd.

Other than that, great motion blur, posing and blood (although maybe it’s a little too bright in places).

It’s a little warped but that was my intent to capture or try to capture fast moving pace of what is happening.

Thanks Chesty Babe.

Looks like you’ve played around with the blackness… I personally don’t like having black to be slightly grey, but that’s my personal opinion…

Looks good othervise :smiley:

Nice. I see that Nexus is releasing the assasin.

Isn’t that just the Chinese stealth armour?
Or is that what you mean?

I like the actual cut (De-legging) but the timing seems weird, I read somewhere a long time ago that your action is best captured at the end of an action or the beginning, where this pic is confuses to me.

Fucking nice. Didn’t notice that it was a combine at first, thought it was some alien or robot thingy. The only other problem is the sword, its a little big and bright. The rest is fantastic, I can see the Combine’s spine, yuck

Yeah i didn’t put much thought on this image, Somethings may not make sense if you think to hard while looking at it, It was just one of those random fun things to do.

Thanks for the C@C honey bunnies.

Manest, your avatar kinda wants me to say that the Assasin is a power ranger.


Oh lol but the sword looks weird

Cyborg ninjas; the one kind I approve of.

Thats not a combine, Itsa metrocop.

I want that chinese secret takeaway deliverer ninja raper model

This is best pose I ever seen.

That blood is horrible . Also , contrast rape.

But i like the posing.

Hehehee Yeah it’s a bit horrid but i liked it for the style of editing i was going for, For a beginner at something new this wasn’t bad but could of been better if i spent some more time on it.

it’s from fallout 3 the chinese stealth suits yeah i think they have been released


lol :smiley:

Publically released?