Assassin stabs Crusader in the back

I just wanted to do a quick Assassin’s Creed pose, so tell me how it is! I tried to make the blood that is on the Crusader’s back look like it pooled and was stained on to the cloth. And I personally like the way the blood on the blade came out :smiley:[/media]


C&C please!

It’s ok a bit of a close angle imo. Posings ok.

Looks nice, good work on the blood :slight_smile:

Thanks pal! I was hoping I did good on it, and your comment validates that :slight_smile:

Awesome job on it i love it!

Thanks Manest! It means a lot!

Awesome, makes me want to play Assassin’s Creed again…

I don’t think the blood would have seeped into the clothing that fast, but nice camera angle.

Yeah, the blood looks a bit like the crusader spilled his morning coffee on his robe. Another than that, it looks great!

blood needs work

Great job!!!

By the Nine…


Thanks for the comments everyone!