Just a little quicky,
Inspired by a scene from Inception
MW2 Operator Re-skin by: Bloocobalt


Love it, hate it, make love with it… do what you have to do. (aka comments and criticism)

Blood and bullet impact looks good. The smoke to, even if I don’t get why it is there.

Posing is alright, editing is great, I wish there was more happening in the background would make it more interesting.

Rated artistic.


Silencers make smoke rather than a muzzleflash, which is half the point of a silencer (hide flash, reduce sound).

because smoke is cool :cool:

You should do a blood tutorial!

I mean the smoke around the neck.

Ok it is cool. No arguing that.

Pretty much what Bloo said, but there needs to be more blood in my opinion.

i might consider that

i was going for a realistic look but next time i guess i’ll go for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre look for the blood :buddy:

What’s with the hand? I see them doing that in inception as well.

The blood is really really great looking. You’ve always had a knack for blood. And I like the smoke from the pistol as well.

But yea, it would be nice if a little more was going on.

Not that much more, just a bit more. Shot looks good overall. :buddy:

well they catch the bullet preventing it from hitting the floor and making a lot of noise
but i just realized cs_office was carpet :confused:

thanks but yeah i got a little lazy because i was out all today and i got really tired. I also promised to make bloo a pic for him like a long time ago but never did it so i decided the hell with it.



Not sure what he’s doing with his arm.

You have gotten very good at blood editing though and the smoke and sparks are pretty good too. Not much going on in this picture though and some of the shading looks kinda lazy.

The blood effect is great.

“Realistic” isn’t a puny puff of smoke. Seriously, just take as much as a handful of water, and throw it at a wall.

The shadowing and such is simplistic, but nice. What the heck is Kane doing, though? He’s acting like he’s holding up something like a flashlight or iuno in a sort of exaggerated overhand FBI style. Oh and that guy he’s shooting sure is reacting alot given it’s the exact moment of impact.

I saw that in Inception, too. I laughed when I realized he was catching the brass to keep it from making all that noise…nice attention to detail on the director’s part…

That’s a real good way to burn the fuck out of your hand.

well your supposed to use a glove like he did in the movie but i just forgot to edit it in

I think that’s blood in a sort of mist form.