Assassin's creed 1 Altair's short blade

Here is a Picture of the blade

thank you for your time

I support this. It would be great to see this in GMod.

I am wondering what you guys mean “support!” in request threads.
Does it means “Yes, I can do this!”
Or “I want this too!”
Or something like that?

It means ‘‘I want this too!’’

Is that good enough for you?

Like znalecc said, it pretty much means “I want this too!”. In some cases, it also means “Yes, I can do this!” if the person has the time/resources to do the request in question. In this case, I use it in reference to “I want this too!”.

Do you actually wanna have it ripped or remodeled?


ok, then this is not my thing :slight_smile:

Link for XNALara model:
if anyone knows how to convert it to GMod then that would be pretty easy :smiley:

Gonna do that :slight_smile:

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Wanna have it holstered unholstered, with hands, without or what do you want? :stuck_out_tongue:

Both please and thanks for this

Dont have time for adding hands and animations, but i will compile a holstered and unholstered version

Here you are:

Great. thanks