Assassin's creed 2 Ezio ragdoll

Some people have AC2 on pc and are good at porting models for Gmod,so, I was thinking that maybe someone can do a version of Ezio with his hood up and another with his hood down.

Sorry if someone already requested this.

You should post some pics.

ill post some picks for you

and a comparison to altair [media]

this would be badass.

an extra pic, of ezio’s back

ah i couldnt find a back picture…


add [media] to the front and add 1 with a slash at the begining for easy use to thefront and back for easy seeing

Uh, I don’t think the PC version is out yet.

Yeah, us PC users have to wait for the directors cut version. Unless someone can rip Xbox 360(unlikely without tons of tools or hacking stuffs), anything in Assassin’s Creed 2 will have to wait.

It makes me kinda sad, cause that was supposed to be my birthday present, and instead I have an I Owe You sticker. :frowning:

Why’s he only got the one Michel J. glove?

Some people like Da Vinci in AC2 because the phrase “The blade has been modified, you can keep your finger.” and probably would want him too, so, when the PC version is out we could have him too.

when the pc version of AC2 comes out i hope they do make it and not take forever like there doing with altair

I heard their was a AC1 rag doll of altair but i guess it disappeared or something. Would have been a good rag doll as well. But yes AC2 ezio rag doll would be indeed good.


Ive seen altair done b4 not sure if it was released or fixing minor problems w/ it

Lilwasa rigged Altair although of course no release

I’m working on Altair right now.

Should be done in a week or two.

Holy Shit really! I thought I’d never see an Altair model.

ragdoll and player?

i’d love if it was a player

No, sorry.

It’s just going to be a ragdoll.

But if anyone wants to, they can convert it to a player model.

Well thats great Stalenin, good luck working on it.

At least is good to hear that altiar is coming soon Im looking foward to it

Brilliant! I have been waiting for this too

can anyone turn the ragdoll into a player?