Assassin's creed Altair?

well, i was playing the game today and i realized that there are no Altair models/ragdolls in Garry’s mod. me, not being any sort of modeler and/or coder, decided that more experienced people should try it.
the list of what i would like:
-Hidden blade:
Guards (WHO DID THIS?!)-

i would really enjoy if you could make the hidden blade a weapon, but that is more of a lua coder’s job.
thanks guys!

I admit, Desmond would be pretty cool. I’m thinking Altair has been done already.

But, word of advice, post Request threads in the Request sections. :v:

I know Altair was released, but I don’t think the author released it. From what I heard, it’s a bitch to port models from Assassins Creed so I doubt anyone would do this for you, it would be cool to use for medieval poses though.

mariokart64n had it but never released it

i think someone is working on altair now, he mentioned it on the request for AC2 eizo model

Desmond looks a lot like male_07.

Cannot unsee!

…I can make the w3p0nz (weapons) if someone would like to texture them…I would make the Rags from scratch but Ragdoll are too much work for me…