Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Desmond Miles

[Release]**-- Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – **

Release: Desmond Miles
Toe posing! (Download Toe-Poser here)
Bodygroups! (Download Bodygroup Changer here)

*A custom skeleton! Meaning **NO**, I will not make this a playermodel, NPC, or whatever the hell someone's gonna ask for.*

A legitimate copy of Garry’s Mod

Known Bugs:
Desmond’s eyes are a little hard to pose with the Eye Poser. Give it a few tries and you should be able to get him to look where you want.

The DirectX© 8 eye shaders are already included, thanks to nifty fallback shaders!

If you have trouble finding where grab the ragdoll, open your console and type “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats,
and then “vcollide_wireframe 1” to make all collision models visible. Type “vcollide_wireframe 0” to disable this.

-!!-*vcollide_wireframe may cause a crash if there are a huge amount of visible props*-!!-

Desmond’s bag is under Bodygroup 1:
Subgroup 0 (no bag)
Subgroup 1 (with bag)
Desmond’s hidden blade is under Bodygroup 2:
Subgroup 0 (none)
Subgroup 1 (retracted)
Subgroup 2 (extended)

This is not Desmond’s original hidden blade, which he wore in Brotherhood. Instead, this is Ezio’s, as I was not able to acquire Desmond’s actual blade.


Download Links:

All credit goes to UBIsoft for making such high quality models!

I only set this up for Garry’s Mod. :slight_smile:
Thanks also to raccooncitizen for ripping it for XNALara.

If you decide to edit, hex, or reskin this model, make sure to add UBIsoft in your credits!

If you find any crippling bugs (missing textures, explosive face posing, broken limbs, etc), send me
a message on Facepunch or post in this file’s thread.


Ahh. Its finally here :downs:

Is this the same one from that Requests thread? Anway, thanks Squiddy.

Sure is. You’re welcome! :smiley:

Looks like your like for the Bodygrouper is broken.
I’m curious which things are bodygrouped.
Aside from the obvious, blade/no blade.

Holy dicks



Don’t worry. He’s next, along with his family.
(Oh dear, that sounded more like something a hitman would say!)

Turned out very nice. Thanks again.

Just his bag and hidden blade.

Awesome, Squiddy, thanks! :smiley:

You sir, are fucking awesome.

(Would’ve put image macro with that, but seeing as people get banned for them. Kind of stupid if you ask me, on forums you EXPECT Image Macros.)

Aw, the ragdoll was so floppy.

Better than a stiff ragdoll. It can be difficult to pose my ragdolls at first, but you’ll find it’s much easier to put them into a huge variety of poses than most ragdolls.

Neat, thanks for putting him in the game.

Thanks mate i hope see the rest of the models soon !

I will ask the same as always, could it work in dx8? I will see it now.

Edit: It works, I may post a picture.

Wow Squiddy, I just recently got into ACB, perfect time for release

Nice job!

Can’t wait for more. :downs:

I think I should learn how to hex/reskin for a ACR version took a a screenshot here it is

This made looking at the releases section worth it.

Is it me or is his neck to long ?