Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Ezio Auditore da Firenze

[Release]**-- Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – **

Release: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Real Ultimate Flexibility!
Ezio’s basic outfit, with default armor multiple skingroups!
Four color schemes, with two models each (Full cape and Back cape)!
Ezio’s Florentine clothing!
Toe posing! (Download Toe-Poser here)
Bodygroups everywhere! (Download Bodygroup Changer here)

*A homemade skeleton! Meaning **NO**, I will not make this a playermodel, NPC, or whatever the hell someone's gonna ask for.*

A legitimate copy of Garry’s Mod

Known Bugs:
-Fixed- [del]Bug where Ezio’s mouth would not be textured.[/del]
-Fixed- [del]Bug where Ezio_Full_Ebon would not render the inner cape properly.[/del]
He is, quite simply, a bitch to pose due to his cape. Sorry.
If you find any actual bugs, don’t hesitate to report them! I will fix them right away.

I wasn’t able to simply turn the different colors into skingroups due to engine limitations, so they are each separate models.

Skingroup Listing for Default Ezio:
Skingroup 1: Assassin White, Clean-Shaven
Skingroup 2: Assassin White, Bearded
Skingroup 3: Wetlands Ebony, Clean-Shaven
Skingroup 4: Wetlands Ebony, Bearded
Skingroup 5: Venetian Wine, Clean-Shaven
Skingroup 6: Venetian Wine, Bearded
Skingroup 7: Tuscan Emerald, Clean-Shaven
Skingroup 8: Tuscan Emerald, Bearded

Skingroup Listing for Armored Models:
Skingroup 1: Clean-shaven
Skingroup 2: Bearded

Bodygroup Listing:
Bodygroup #1: Left Hand Blade
Submodel 0: Off
Submodel 1: On

Bodygroup #2: Right Hand Blade
Submodel 0: Off
Submodel 1: On

Bodygroup #3: Hood
Submodel 0: On
Submodel 1: Off, Long Hair
Submodel 2: Off, Short Hair

Bodygroup #4: Left Hand Glove
Submodel 0: No Glove
Submodel 1: Leather Glove
Submodel 2: Cestus

Bodygroup #5: Right Hand Glove
Submodel 0: No Glove
Submodel 1: Leather Glove
Submodel 2: Cestus

Bodygroup #6: Torso Armor
Submodel 0: Roman Armor
Submodel 1: Rondelle Armor
Submodel 2: Steel Armor
Submodel 3: Seusenhofer Armor

Bodygroup #7: Pauldrons
Submodel 0: Roman Pauldrons
Submodel 1: Rondelle Pauldrons
Submodel 2: Steel Pauldrons
Submodel 3: Seusenhofer Pauldrons

Bodygroup #8: Right Arm Bracer
Submodel 0: Roman Bracer
Submodel 1: Rondelle Bracer
Submodel 2: Steel Bracer
Submodel 3: Seusenhofer Bracer

Bodygroup #9: Boots
Submodel 0: Roman Boots
Submodel 1: Rondelle Boots
Submodel 2: Steel Boots
Submodel 3: Seusenhofer Boots

The DirectX© 8 eye shaders are already included, thanks to nifty fallback shaders that I never actually looked at before.
Now, both DirectX 8 and DirectX 9+ users can enjoy the model without need of any fixes! :smiley:

Due to Ezio’s cape being a pain in the ass, I recommend picking him up first by his chest, then moving the bottom part
of his cape out of the way while you pose the rest of the ragdoll.

If you have trouble finding where grab the ragdoll, open your console and type “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats,
and then “vcollide_wireframe 1” to make all collision models visible. Type “vcollide_wireframe 0” to disable this.

-!!-*vcollide_wireframe may cause a crash if there are a huge amount of visible props*-!!-


Download Links:

Ezio on DropBox

Patch! Download this if you’re having problems with missing textures in Ezio’s mouth!
Fix for Ezio’s Mouth

Patch! Download this if you’re having problems with missing textures with Ezio’s Full Ebon Cape!
Fix for Broken Capes
Thank you goes out to lonefirewarrior for testing this one.

All credit goes to UBISOFT for making such high quality models!

If you decide to edit, hex, or reskin this model, make sure to add UBISOFT in your credits!

If you find any crippling bugs (missing textures, explosive face posing, broken limbs, etc), send me
a message on Facepunch or post in this file’s thread.



You should try raiden next :v:

Funny…I was just thinking how we needed a better model of this. Great work!

Good job! :smiley:
Think you could also add Old Ezio and with his cloak?

Whoowhoo Nice work Squiddy!
Im also looking for ACR models

Take your time not rushing you

Ahh, fuckin’ Squiddy, one of these days karma’s gonna slap you with some gigantic win.

Sorry, but I’m not likely to be doing anything else for Assassin’s Creed in the foreseeable future.

I would consider it, but I don’t yet own Revelations, haha. He looks pretty cool with that on.

Released a fix for a bug regarding Ezio’s mouth.
Fix for Ezio’s Mouth

I love you, full homo.

Have my babies.

No seriously though, thank you so much for doing this! I’ve been wanting Ezio from Brotherhood for quite some time now.

Grande Modello ,Grazie Squiddo
(Great model, thanks Squiddy)

Fuckin’ Squiddy.

Coming out of nowhere and releasing like a shit-ton of stuff like a straight up G.

Awesome! Very good work.

Do those models have any updates from the ones you gave me?

Yes. The eyes should work properly now, and the capes shouldn’t have any problems.

I still have problems with the Ebony armor, the cape, remember? It may be because I didn’t delete the old ones and just replaced.

HEY MAN! thanks for this! HA glad you made a regular one as well as your personal skin.

It’s possible, but I’m pretty sure I fixed that problem. No one else has reported it, yet.



This Addon needs more than winners

winner x2.156.846.001

Thanks, but please don’t quote the entire original post. It’s really unnecessary, and generally frowned upon in forums.

That’s awesome! Didn’t he have a mask at some point in the game? Would be cool to add it so that you can use multiple Ezios on a screenshot without having to change the face manually.

Nice, just tryed it ingame. I had installed the mouth fix, but the mouth seems to be black and pink checkers still. I might uninstall the fix and see what happens so hopefully that’ll work.