Assassin's Creed II models?

I doubt it is possible, but I’m sure SOMEBODY could try.

Could somebody make some Assassin’s Creed II Ezio Auditore models?

Just asking. If you’re not going to reply with something that can help or is good, DON’T REPLY.

It’s not on PC yet.

True. I was wondering if somebody could try to make the model.

But, I guess I can wait until March 16th. I have it on Xbox 360, and it is EPIC.

I do believe he said it’s not on computer yet.
That means you can’t port it.
It was epic, I’ll give you that.
But if it’s not on a computer, it can’t be ported.
And most of the ‘from scratch models’ look like piles of dung.

There is a Altair model though.
Heres the link: But , it includes a load of random models too.

Semi Bump REquest as its been released on PC now I am hoping a some one can Port it him over


  1. You MUST post pictures along with your request
  2. It’s already out on most countries and will be out on the US And Canada on March 9 , not 16

I wouldn’t make demands

The PC-Version should be out tomorrow, but I doubt the models will be rippable. The DRM will maybe code-crypting the files for sure.

March 9. Today’s March 7. Two days left buddy.

forgot different countrys had different release dates

Any Update on Ezio Model Release Please as I am waiting to do some Comics with him