Assassin's Creed models

I swear I looked this up thrice and nothing about models came up. If anyone could make ragdolls and models (Altaïr, some citizen ragdolls, guard ragdolls, wristblade, since I found nothing on, sword, jug, crate…you get the idea). It would be great if anyone could do this. And I’d appreciate it if whoever does this could at least put some detail in there. Not crappy shit that someone with little knowledge of modeling could make (I have no knowledge of modeling). Here is a screenshot from the game to use as a reference…[ASSASSINS_CREED]_S_[Jerusalem]_[PushCrowd1].jpg

Thanks! And sorry about the pic size.

I made and released a copy of the wristblade a long time ago, but it was a bit huge.

There are atleast two altairs I know of. The normal the combine and the hunter altair, although it was more of a reskin really, but it had the wristblade :v:

But none of these were released

hmm im going to re-install it and see if i get time to get at least Altaïr done.

Please Put the link for it when you get Altair done… I think all of us would appreciate it…