assassins creed models

assassins creed has some nice models, i particularly want the guards, horses and a few main characters

I don’t think anyone can do these or no one wants to, as I’ve seen at least 3 other requests for models from the game and I haven’t seen any yet, but as I’ve never looked for them myself, I can’t confirm that.

If there’s a year or two old game that has absolutely no models what-so-ever ported to Gmod, it’s usually because it’s either impossible or really fucking hard.

But HOW THE FUCK does GTA SA has the actual models? Yet its impossible in Gmod?


Because some people have more experience and knowhow than others?

Nobody said it’s impossible, just that it’s fucking hard and apparently there’s one awesome guy who ported “actual models” whatever they are.

how is that weep and whine?

Horses from that game would be very useful.

It is quite possible to port from Assassin’s creed from memory. Nobody just feels like doing the models. If they are already ported to GTA though, it’s relatively easy to move them to source if you feel like doing it tough.