Assassin's Creed trees

I saw someone ported Altair, so I figured trees are possible too.
Maybe an Odd request, but I’m a mapper and in great need of these trees.

I need whatever I could get, but the most importants:
-Mediterranean Cypress (

I would really appreciate any help, or anyone telling me how to get those.


Everyone likes Foliage.

I hate foliage. :v:

Wait wait wait revelations altair was ported?

^ Yes, he was

I’ve stated why, I need foliage for mapping of a similar terrain type.

Can I get a link to it

I would like a link too. o.o

He wasn’t ported to Garry’s Mod. Only XNALara. If he was ported to Gmod then there would be a thread up about it in the release section already.