Assassin's Goto

Was wondering (since I haven’t seen anyone else say this yet) if someone would consider making an Assassin’s Creed themed skin for Kasumi Goto, seen here:

FYI: You linked to the wrong thread. Unless you meant to link to the Starcraft thread. The Kasumi Goto one is

And a better description of what you want might be helpful, as well. “Assassin’s Creed themed” is a very, very, loose description.

Oh… carp.
Thanks, sorry about the mix-up.
But yeah, the theme of Assassin’s robe: White with a brown trim, and highlights of red.
It’s kinda hard to be specific, but if you’d like a more ‘cheek clenching’ reference.
Somewhere between Here:VV____________>>And here:VVV

so you want Kasumi with hidden blades?

don’t know what i can do

That’s what the energy blade thing that was released not too long ago is for.
The only thing I’m asking here is an alteration of the skin.
Color-change, mostly.

You mean this blade?

Yes, but, Again, the blade is not the concern.
The blade can be added by way of spawning it in-game.
So again, just to clearify and ensure that everyone understands:
The blade is not what I’m asking about.
I don’t care about the blade as part of the model.
Lemme repeat that so that it is -Clearly- understood:
The blade is not the issue.

The skin is what I’m asking about.
Is there anyone willing/able to create a skin to fit the bill?

Note: If you are simply bringing up the blade to be a troll, you are an ass and deserve to be branded with a flaming hot iron indicating you as such.

looks like the energy blade in tribes vengence, sorta

You guys are assholes. I just wanted to let you know that.

You want it to be reskinned in to a robe? Had a look at the textues and it looks like changing all that would be a bitch.

One last time here:
Not asking for the MODEL itself to be changed.
Just the skin.
Just the texture.
Just the skin? Just the skin.
Just the texture? Just the Texture.
All that’s being asked.
Skin. Texture. The .vtf file.
That’s all.

Which part of the “changing the textures” did you not understand?

That part.

Wasn’t looking for modification of the model,
just the textures.
Not looking for the hood to be made into a full fledged robe or a cloak.


Got bored enough, gave it a shot. Ignore the attachment point on her head, that’s just from HLMV. Very rough skin, and still a WIP.

What do you think? I think it would work better with a cape attached to the back, but I’m not going to start modelhacking this. Hell, I have half a mind to just upload it as is and be done with it.

Looks amazing, Would be better if the hood were white though.
The A.S. games tend to be specifically oriented towards a white hood. Still love it though. Thanks a million. My only other idea towards this would be rather than the black n’ red belt with a gold buckle to be a solid brown belt with a silver buckle.

Changed the hood and belt. Also changed the gloves to white. This good enough for you?

Simply wondrous.
Amazing work, just like you always do.

OK, I’ll go ahead and upload it, after I do one last check in-game.

Oh yeah, and I noticed that the model was set up for two skins, and made a second one. Nothing much, it was literally just Ctrl-A, Ctrl-Shift-U, Ctrl-I, from what I had. I think it looks pretty cool, so I’ll toss it in anyways.

Should have it up within an hour, unless something goes wrong.

I’m giddy with anticipation.
Just shy of being like a schoolgirl.
Thank you again for the marvelous job. It looks fantastic.