Assault on a Combine Position 1969

I’ve had this sitting on my HDD since September, but I forgot (and didn’t want to edit) about it until Jim_Riley’s recent post. I hate my edit so here’s the OG for a better man/woman to handle.

Looks good. 'Nuff said.

The posing and editing is great, every character is slightly different, really makes it seem realistic.

The rain and splash effects are very nicely done! I like how the people are not just dupes of each other, as well.

Gives more of a WWII feeling if you ask me…but no asked me…no one ever asks me…

My extremely poor social life aside, this is amazingly done. The splashes in the water and the rain look really nice.

Nobody cares.

You’re supposed to comment on how lavish the editing is, or how well-composed the shot is, not your life outside the internet.
And speaking of which (the image that is) this is marvelously done. Though to be honest I didn’t quite get that it was an assault on Combine until I really looked at the bunker in the background but that’s just me nitpicking.

Woot, you’re back

What’s the story behind this?

Umm, I posed a bunch of dudes on a beach then realized there was no easy way to get rid of the Combine bunker in the back so I acted as if 'Nam era dudes versus the Combine was my plan the whole time.