"Assault on Rebel Camp"


And rebel making his last stand


Probably and for good of all of us my last picture in a while, i just want to know what you guys think about this one.

oh my god thank you for your last picture, really man… im going to miss you!

1st I never said this my very last picture
2nd Who’s talking, the guy with the JB pic?

His arm would hurt for firing a revolver like that.

  1. think, last picture… you said last picture for a while
  2. why do you care on what i make my avatar? saying “whos talking, the guy with the JB pic? :downs:” is a real good post

It does really matters when you’re gonna die?

look at what youre typing

Your pictures are ~SO BAD!~ Stop posting.

Your comments are SO BAD! Stop posting.


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also youre*

no it wouldn’t

stop pretending to know shit because you play call of duty

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oh look a hilarious gimmick account oh man this thread rules!!!

Well i just tried as harder i could to make this picture but oh well i will keep trying i will not post nothing until i finish. Remember boys atleast i try to improve :expressionless:


Who’s saying?

you don’t have to post every pose you make.

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especially in separate threads

I don’t play Call of Duty.

Besides, it doesn’t look like he is holding it right.

please tell us how many guns you, personally, have shot

airsoft, airguns and paintball don’t count

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my money on: either 0, or “well just an old .22 BUT TRUST ME OKAY”

.22 and 20 gauge!

Why does an advanced alien race like the combine have old stuff like Uzis, Tiger tanks and MG42/MG3s?
Thats rather dumb.

I have a better idea guys. Lets stop flaming about the most stupid shit. If you don’t like the image, don’t comment. If you have something constructive, share it.

Nice pictures, but read my PM ;]